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On twitter there is a tradition that on a Friday you give an indication to your followers of who else they should be following. The same tradition doesn’t exist in the blogosphere but we feel it is high time we give some love to our favourite blogs out there.

In a slight change from the normal plugs we thought we’d also link to some of our favourite pieces on those blogs (many of which we’ve probably linked to on twitter). Too often blogs are transitory in nature and good pieces of writing are remembered for a day or two and then promptly forgotten. Hopefully, this will help address this.

So without further ado:

Fighting Monsters

This blog about social work in the UK written by a practising social worker is a must read for anyone working in that field and a very interesting read for everyone else.

A few weeks ago, when the super-injunction furore was at its height, the author of the blog explained in a way that almost no-one else managed the difference between the celebrity injunction and the type that have also been targeted in relation to Family Court and Court of Protection. It is well worth a read.

Public Toilets and

Normally, nothing would convince us to read a blog that is almost exclusively about public toilets. However, this blog is written by an author whose sole purpose in her (we hope working) life is to ‘look at ways to design improvements to public toilets and public toilet provision for older people.’ Thus, the blog is about design, access and public spaces and of interest to all people in that field.

In addition, this post about the problems of responding to a planning application perfectly sums up the frailties of the way councils engage with members of the public about planning applications. Really well worth a read (even if you’re not interested in toilets): 


I’m not one to plug ‘corporate’ blogs but in the last few weeks I’ve enjoyed a couple of posts from the blog of a company called Impower. In particular this one discussing the future of the NGDP was very well pitched and on an issue very close to our heart.

Flip Chart Fairy Tales

We’ve mentioned this blog before but the quality of commentary, especially about change and public sector reform, never ceases to impress us. In particular this discussion of the national debt helped explain an issue that is fiendishly complicated in a way that was slighrtly less than fiendish. Oh, and there were lots of charts too!


This is a new blog which looks to counter the local government political blogosphere domination of the ever popular conservative home Local Government blog. We have no idea how it will turnout or even if it will be any good but the blog states that it intends to develop a fresh approach to local government thinking. The result of these discussions will be a manifesto of ideas for a modern, progressive local state. I know this is not a Labour thing but Labour in opposition have been very disappointing over local government so here’s hoping this site can be a success.

Time is getting on but it might also be worth checking out the following:

This very funny piece on the DCLG’s obsession with flags… Brilliant!

Govloop: Govloop is a huge social networking site for public sector workers in the US. Although you need to be a member to contribute the blog is free to read for anyone and in amongst the American specific posts are some relevant to us all.

The LSE policy and politics blog is rather good and this piece on the Hutton report on public sector pensions is a very good summary.

For those of a legal persuasion the Local Government Lawyer has its own blog. This piece on local government statutory duty cuts through the bluster in the way only a lawyer could!

Please do suggest some other blogs if you think we’ve missed something worth reading.

Welovelocalgovernment is a blog written by UK local government officers. If you have a piece you’d like to submit or any comments you’d like to make please drop us a line at:

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  1. cb Says:

    Thank you so much for linking to my blog. I feel a bit embarrassed to be among such fine and respected company and thanks for giving me some hints of other interesting and useful blogs to follow!

  2. […] has always been a man that is willing to confront the issues that others shy away from. […] [Via We Love Local Government] government, law, ukThis entry was posted on Saturday, May 21st, 2011 at 23:05. You can follow […]

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