Speaking on behalf of the Bubble Dwellers

How long will the bubble avoid bursting for some?

Today’s post is actually a special thing – a valentines day present from one of the We Love Local Government team’s other halves.  Too often we talk about the world and the situation local government finds itself in under the impression that everybody else is up to speed and has opinions and comments of their own to make; but do they?…

I am a reasonably well educated, sensible,  person who comes from a middle class household.  I was a very happy child and had no worries about money.  My parents kept their thoughts of the government to themselves; I was never included in discussions regarding the state of the country’s affairs and to be honest whenever the 6 o’clock news came on I begged my father to change the channel.  At school, although I excelled in lessons of maths and english I never learnt the differences between political parties.  In retrospect there was the perfect opportunity to teach this during lessons where we learnt of sex education, drugs and religious beliefs.  Effectively, I lived my childhood and teenage years in a bubble.

Luckily being a kind and happy person I have fallen on my feet into a loving relationship.  My partner constantly challenges me into forming valid and educated views regarding life in general which I have always found difficult.  Since the years have passed my very clever spouse has had several jobs and has worked his way up until he found a job in local government.

Since this blog started I have been asked to put my point of view across.  I constanttly argue that I do not have anything important to add to the informed and obviously well written articles but maybe I do.  I got to thinking that I must not be the only person who has grown up in a bubble.

These times of recession and coalition have meant that I need to be forming my opinions.  I am being bombarded from all sides with things that really will directly affect not only me but my family too.  Do I want my children’s school to reach “Academy” status?  Can my sister survive on a decreasing income support payment?  Will my spouse keep his local government job – or will it forever be more responsibility, more hours and less pay?! How will we afford the rising rent costs if I cannot find a nursery in the area with less than a year’s waiting list?

I am very childlike in my understanding of such important matters; I’ve found out that I can hardly even grasp the concept of money!  I had always believed that money was those pieces of paper or those coins and if I didn’t have them I couldn’t buy the things I wanted.  Now I find out that’s just cash, and that when it comes to money the country owes however many billion! I cannot understand why we can’t just all either make more money exist or cancel the debt.

This is where I say that now I have to trust in the government, local or national, that they are going to do what’s best for the country and us as residents.  The majority of informed people have voted these people into power and into Council chambers for them to take control of the situation.

I just wish the papers would stop putting an emphasis on how much a council worker is earning; just make sure their work is worthwhile and that the future will be brighter because of it.  I wish that I could just know in my heart that if I go on in my bubble things will work out for the best.  I know if there are people like my significant other putting in their hard work so my bubble-shaped future is looking rosy!

Our valentine heart-shaped thanks go out to our guest author – hopefully we’ll see more bubble-related posts in the future!

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3 Comments on “Speaking on behalf of the Bubble Dwellers”

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  2. jgh Says:

    “The majority of informed people have voted these people into power and into Council chambers for them to take control of the situation.”

    Oh, I really wish that were true. Most people keep voting for Party X again and again as though it will make a difference – “I’m going to keep voting Labour as hard as I can in this safe Labour seat, I don’t care what they actually do in power” or “the LibDem candidate has a nice haircut and makes sense” or “I run a small business, I can never vote anything other than Conservative”.

    There fundamentally aren’t any differences between parties, the differences are between policies at any one point in time. Unfortunately, the majority of people vote for a party based on ground-in beliefs of what that party is, not one what their policies are, and certainly never on their actual record.

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