If only BP felt this way

I love a good cup of coffee.  If I can’t get it freshly ground from the finest beans and served as strong as Hulk Hogan and hot as Megan Fox, I’ll just as easily accept it the other way around.

I regularly put my hand up to make a cup, and offer to make one for colleagues which often results in me carrying a handful of mugs of steaming hot liquid of various descriptions.

Recently I was in such a situation when I found my hands growing rapidly warmer.  I had only started on my journey and had made it as far as some stone-type flooring before hitting the office proper when I could take it no more, and promptly turned rapidly around and made my way back to the kitchen, spilling a little in the process.

Knowing that we need to be wary of the financial implications of our actions and that where there is a blame, there is a claim, I rapidly returned to mop up the drops with a bit of tissue.

Whilst doing so I overheard someone standing around with some colleagues, who mentioned seeing me spill it and saying that I should probably call facilities to get it cleaned up.

In what world am I not more than capable of wiping it up with a bit of tissue?  Why must I go around it to my desk, log a call with facilities who will then log a visit for about half an hour’s time to view the problem, place a ‘wet floor’ sign next to it and call someone with a mop to clean it down?

Seriously people, let’s put Big Society into action!  Wipe up your own spills, adjust your own seats and police your own streets.  I know which of those I’m going to do with my spare 68% of wasted time in the workplace.

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One Comment on “If only BP felt this way”

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