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Race to the bottom

March 29, 2012

Shouldn't we be pulling people up rather than pushing them down?

Recently I found myself once again in a meeting with some of our local councillors.  They were as usual a friendly and interesting bunch of souls, attempting to do their best by their constituents and planning a public meeting for local people to engage on the goings on of our council.

The subject of meeting papers came up, with one councillor spending five minutes peering at a printed excel table of five point type and miniature lines.  As they struggled I made the point that it’s a shame that we can’t zoom in on paper in the same way that we can on computers or tablets.  It was as if I’d accused them of witchcraft.

I then spent a good ten minutes or so hearing them discuss how they were against any person in a meeting, be they councillors, officers or members of the public, attending a public meeting and making use of any form of electronic device to store or access papers and information.  Their thinking was that this gave these people an unfair advantage over everyone else in the room as they could access more information more easily and more quickly; therefore this made others feel uncomfortable, so it was deemed better to have everyone on a lower but level playing field.

I was stunned to say the least.  As they were councillors and as they were changing mid-meeting from jolly and positive to boisterous and negative I decided not to make a larger discussion of this, instead getting back on topic and filing it away for later absorption and deliberation. (more…)

It’s always the case…

July 8, 2011

Some things will forever be trueSome things in life are entirely random and unexpected – a thank you note from your manager for work well done, a smile from a waitress in the middle of lunch service, the order to take an early day on a Friday, just because it’s the weekend tomorrow. These are the things that put a smile on your face.

However, these are uncommon events; some things happen to be a little more regular. So on this Friday afternoon we thought we’d share a few things that we think are always the case. Feel free to add your own, either in the comments below or on Twitter (maybe using #alwaysthecase so we can share your ideas).

… The meeting where you haven’t printed the complicated spreadsheet is the one where it actually gets discussed in detail

… The meeting where you haven’t read the papers includes something that you really need to respond to

… The printer only breaks when you have less than 3 minutes to get your printing and get to the meeting

… You only ever have a full diary on the day when you have deadlines to meet

… When you have a day set aside to get a report done at home someone asks for a 30 minute meeting right in the middle of the day

… Budget forecasts in month one are always wrong and usually under-spent

… The food in the cafeteria is bad (more…)