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The Local Government Bucket List

May 15, 2012

35 things to do before you leave local government

Let’s face it, nothing ever last forever. For some of us unfortunately the end is more nigh than for others, but whether you have been a stalwart of local government circles for 30 years or if you’re just coming up to the end of your first six month tour of duty, there are a number of things we recommend you do before your time runs out.

Some of these things are inspirational, some are a little hard to achieve and some are just somewhat amusing. Keep this handy list in the bottom of your drawer and schedule in as many as you can before you open the dreaded P45 or receive the Golden Carriage Clock of doom.

  1. Send a compromising e-mail from a colleagues account
  2. Storm out of a meeting early
  3. Shout down the phone at someone whilst in an open-plan office
  4. Hide song lyrics in a significant report or strategy draft
  5. Take your tie off/unclip your hair mid PowerPoint presentation (more…)