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Measuring up

October 18, 2011

Time for some more measurements?

I started writing this article one Monday morning at 7.21am.  I was at my desk and had finished going through my e-mails, and was just about to dive into one more urgent message when I glanced down and noticed that little fact.  I know I have several meetings in my diary and a full workload, and will probably not leave the office until 6.30pm at the earliest.

This is not unusual.  This is not good.

A while ago I posted here about when I was told that I no longer needed to complete timesheets.  At the time I took it as a good thing, believing that it freed me from a regular chore and one which meant little anyway; I was hardly likely to change my working hours to suit my total working week, was I?

Well, perhaps I should have been.  Since the need to record and track my hours was removed, I’ve slowly but surely found myself working longer and longer days.  I’ve taken far less time off in lieu, and have often gone without lunch as I simply didn’t have time spare.  Whilst some of this can be put down to an increase in responsibility and similar excuses, not all of it can be. (more…)