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How to stifle creativity in local government

March 11, 2011

Change is bad

As I have slowly climbed the corporate ladder I’ve gradually been introduced to more and more of the secret ways of local government.  When I initially joined at the bottom of the hierarchical ladder I thought it was all simple; everyone kept their heads down, got on with their jobs and it all came together beautifully.  I also thought that all strategic plans and policies were obvious, well thought out, planned and interlinked.

It’s only as I climb each rung do I realise that less and less is set in stone and that officers at every level are the same: doing the best they can, but often forced into making do with what they can get together.  And as I climb I get access to a few things; the senior toilet facilities (attendants, a range of bathroom products and silky loo roll), my own desk and training specifically designed for senior managers; training they don’t want you to know about, but which I’m going to blow the whistle on here.

So here’s a We Love Local Government EXCLUSIVE – the training notes for the training module entitled “How to stifle creativity” *