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May 2, 2012

Independent of the politics but can she escape Sir Humphrey?

Election fever is all around; can you not feel it?

Ok, so maybe the election has not quite caught the imagination of the great British public in the way more national elections have done. However, there are always some interesting things going on and one of them is in London.

Now, as someone who doesn’t live in London I found it easy to assume that the battle in our capital is simply between our old friends Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone. Indeed, according to the polls that is exactly what it is and today’s post was almost about their entertaining rivalry.

However, according to one of the same polls I saw the candidate in third place is an independent former civil servant named Siobhan Benita. Admittedly she is languishing on 6% of the vote and in another year might have been just another afterthought on the ballot paper. However, amongst some of my Londoner friends the idea of the independent Benita has really caught on. They look at the sideshow that is Boris and Ken and think that perhaps there is a real need for an anti-politician to run things.

Indeed, apparently this is one of Ms Benita’s campaigning issues, as her campaign says on her website:

She is not a politician. She is a successful working mum who has resigned from her senior Whitehall job to run in the Mayor election.

She believes that the Mayor of London should represent people, not political parties and she will ensure that all voices are heard.

She is independent, honest and inclusive.

I’m sure she is all of the above but in trying to understand why she has only 5% of the vote I’m just not so sure she is right to focus so strongly on her being non-political.