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If Trade Unions are the answer I’m not sure what the question is…

July 11, 2011

And the countdown conundrum is...

Any post which attempts to commence a discussion of Trade Unions is bound to be declared as politically motivated. Please accept that this is a genuine attempt to discuss the issue and that I’m not a closet Tory. Also, please accept that this represents one bloggers view and not the view of the whole blog team.

Over the past 12-18 months I have become increasingly frustrated with the trades union in the Local Government sector. As far as I can tell they have failed in both the representative and the strategic elements of their role and have failed to provide the leadership I believe is required at this time.

I recognise that many of the problems they face may not be their fault and will discuss this in a moment but so far these are my main complaints.

Many councils are currently in the process of carrying out consultation with the trades union over changes to their staffs Ts and Cs. In just one example of this it has led to all staff in Shropshire being dismissed with the intention of re-employing them on new contracts. Many senior managers, being accustomed to working directly with trade unions rather than ‘staff’ have therefore negotiated direct with the trade unions and then announced the outcomes of these negotiations post fact.

This doesn’t work.