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Dress code dilemmas

September 1, 2010

Not something for the office wall?

From time to time we write short entries about dress codes; normally on the back of senior managers sending out new dress codes (which are subsequently dropped) or because our local Trade Union branch has got their knickers in a twist about a request that local government staff don’t where Black Sabbath T-shirts to work.

Today’s blog is a variation on a theme.

This afternoon I met our Chief Executive for the first time. I know it’s wrong but one of the first things I noticed was the fact that she was wearing trainers.

This might be the way that I was brought up but is it wrong to expect that the Chief Executive, the person who makes all the decisions about the future of the council, should be wearing shoes?

It’s not that I’m a great fan of shoes; they can be uncomfortable and designed purely to look good (heels anyone?) but not all shoes are uncomfortable and for some reason I want my Chief Executive to make an effort.

I had a friend who used to approach university exams dressed in a really smart outfit; her argument was that you needed to dress to intimidate the exam paper and if he did he would then rise to the occasion. Isn’t that the same with your Chief Executive, especially when there are important meetings to attend like there were today?

Anyway, next time the Union put out a newsletter asking us to campaign against the dress code I’ll ignore them and pledge to sign up to the code; if the Chief Executive puts her trainers away at the same time!