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Positive for yoof?

January 18, 2012

Same Words: Different Order?

We love guest posts and today’s is a classic environmental study; in that it despairs of the amount of paper wasted in not particularly ‘original’ research, studies and reports. The argument is quite strident and encourages debate so please do chime in. If you would like to submit a post for the blog please drop us a line at but not until you’ve enjoyed, and commented on (?!?) today’s post.

After a long day of long tedious meetings, answering phone calls, replying to emails, I try to take some time to catch up with the going’s on in the sector. Who’s tweeting, what report is out, who asked the most ridiculous question in PMs Question time?

Today I was catching up with a thorough read on the Positive for Youth report launched in December 2011. Whenever I open up a document that Adobe tells me is over 50 pages, it usually serves a quick scan, pick up on the important points and move on. However, being in the youth sector, I thought it important that this particular report should get a little bit more of my attention; particularly if the government isn’t going to change for a while…

The more I read this report, the more I kept saying to myself – surely someone has just copied and pasted this from previous papers, reports, academic studies, green and white papers. This isn’t anything new and actually, most of this is just recycled common sense.



February 3, 2011

Sometimes you just have to accept blame

I messed up.

A few weeks before I joined my new team I produced a report.  It was on the budget and how it affected local people, and was drafted by one of my old team.  I then edited it, made a few additions and sent it on to the service head responsible for that area, who added it as an appendix to a cabinet report.

The trouble is, the report didn’t pull punches.  Many local people had told me directly that there was one service in particular which they saw as not delivered well and which was ripe for some cuts; the service I have just joined.  Some people did think it was good and wanted to see it kept, but even those wanted to see it reduced and refined.

So yesterday I come back from lunch to find my new boss fretting about it and trying to work out if anyone might actually read it and if so what to do about it.  Not perhaps the first impressions I was hoping to make.