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If Trade Unions are the answer I’m not sure what the question is…

July 11, 2011

And the countdown conundrum is...

Any post which attempts to commence a discussion of Trade Unions is bound to be declared as politically motivated. Please accept that this is a genuine attempt to discuss the issue and that I’m not a closet Tory. Also, please accept that this represents one bloggers view and not the view of the whole blog team.

Over the past 12-18 months I have become increasingly frustrated with the trades union in the Local Government sector. As far as I can tell they have failed in both the representative and the strategic elements of their role and have failed to provide the leadership I believe is required at this time.

I recognise that many of the problems they face may not be their fault and will discuss this in a moment but so far these are my main complaints.

Many councils are currently in the process of carrying out consultation with the trades union over changes to their staffs Ts and Cs. In just one example of this it has led to all staff in Shropshire being dismissed with the intention of re-employing them on new contracts. Many senior managers, being accustomed to working directly with trade unions rather than ‘staff’ have therefore negotiated direct with the trade unions and then announced the outcomes of these negotiations post fact.

This doesn’t work.


20/10 Vision

October 19, 2010

Can we really look to the future when most of us are more short sighted?

I sat down at my keyboard today and very quickly became confused.  Nothing to do with the constant switch between Firefox or IE8 (which I use at home and everywhere else) and IE6 (which I am still forced to use at work despite it being nine years old); no, this confusion was down to the content of this post.

Part of me wanted to write about a couple of interesting little things which have happened around the office; the return of a significant colleague to the team after a secondment, the development of a very interesting programme here, a crazy conversation overheard in the toilets involving a gun (I kid you not).

Another part of me wanted to comment on the major, major changes that will be happening in just a few days, thanks to the Comprehensive Spending Review.  Or perhaps about the ‘bonfire of the quangos’, which to all intents and purposes is less of a bonfire and more of a spreading of the ashes.

Then I realised that this confusion is actually symptomatic of local government at the minute.  We are being encouraged to keep focussed on the little things and keep working hard, whilst being aware of (but ignoring to some extent) the fact that 20,000 quango staff and Osbourne only knows how many colleagues will potentially be out of work. (more…)


October 8, 2010


These are not good times for the local government worker. But yesterday was tough.

At 8am I stood by my wireless like a child awaiting the football scores on a Saturday afternoon: The reason? the release of Lord Hutton’s interim review of public sector pensions which for some reason was held until from public consumption until 8am (does Lord Hutton need an extra lie in now he’s no longer a Government minister?)

Needless to say the results were as anticipated!

And then at 11:30am my colleagues and I trekked off to the local education centre where the corporate directors gave us first sight of the new structure and detailed how the redundancy process will work.

I’ve said it once I’ll say it again:


We’ve discussed the whole redundancy thing before and will do so again over the coming months (incidentally on the topic of redundancy do check out this well written, heart-felt and slightly wry take on the redundancy situation from someone who has already been told he is being made redundant; it comes recommended) but today I think it is worth focusing a little on the issue of pensions.



October 1, 2010

Who else is humming Spandau Ballet Songs?

We often ask people to drop us a line at our e-mail address: and on Fridays we try to share some stories from the e-mail account or alternatively point you in the direction of other blogs we have found.

This week is no different and features a lovely little e-mail from our inbox.

And when I say the correspondence is ‘Gold’ I mean so in more than one sense (I love an awful pun)…

Our correspondent writes:

I work for a local authority which is, like many others I guess, about to go through a major re-organisation. Our Chief Executive and Leader decided to prepare us for the upcoming redundancies.

They therefore released a brand new slogan: Going for Gold 2015

I have no problem with the slogan (a bit of Olympics envy maybe) but what really made me laugh (and encouraged me to write in) is what the slogan stands for.

You see Going for Gold is not, as you might assume, about achieving some form of number 1 status. Apparently Going for Gold stands for the following:

G et involved

O ne team

L earn

D etermination

I feel this deserves a special feature and an invite for more corporate BS; surely its not just my lot who are bending the rules of common sense for the sake of some catchy acronyms?

I think this probably speaks for itself but me thinks they came up with the slogan first and the acrostic poem later in a vain attempt to justify it.

Have a good weekend and if you have any examples of awful corporate BS please do jot a comment below or drop us an e-mail at:

Another fine example of blogging

August 27, 2010

NB: Updated on 8/9 to remove bad grammar.

My colleague recently started a series of blog entries detailing other blogs out there that we think are worth looking at. First came the local government worker and today I thought I’d add my twopence worth.

This blog is called helpgov and came to my attention because of its superb dissection of the recent story about local government unproductivity.  

The Blog’s pretty good all round and in particular I would read the discussion of alternatives to staff redundancies as budget cuts hit locla government which can be read here.

We’ll try to provide other sites and blogs to follow over the coming weeks so if you have a suggestion please e-mail us at