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Ode to local government

February 9, 2012

20120208-222538.jpgI sit on the sofa during a visit to mum,
Through a copy of the local free sheet I thumb.
‘The bloody council, they’re all the same’,
From my mum comes this familiar refrain.
‘All the same, how so?’ comes my question in reply,
There’s so much people don’t know about councils, thinks I.

‘Well,’ mum continues, warming to her topic.
‘None of them seem to work with any logic.
The left doesn’t know that the right exists,
And I’m sure the customer service man I spoke to was pi55ed.
I had such a simple question when I called him last week,
By the time he had finished I felt like a freak
For not knowing which department or service I needed
That’s why I need help! In the end he conceded
The point and found someone I could talk to.
The trouble is they said sorry and passed me on through
To a nice young woman who tried hard to help,
But I could tell she was struggling, only a whelp
So after an hour I simply gave up
And had a hot coffee: I needed a cup.’