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Planning for real community control?

December 6, 2011

Not in this town please

It’s guest post day (Woo and most definitely Hoo!) and today our poster grapples with the tricky topic of planning law. We at WLLG are not planning experts but the fact that local politicians can get involved in whether or not someone has a house extension but cannot stop the local pub turning into a Hooters or the local corner shop into a Tesco does seem a little strange. Do our expert readers agree with our guest poster that real community control is lacking from our planning law and if so what can be done about it?

Planning has always been the hottest of all local government topics as the one most likely to stir the passions of local people and yet no sooner have those passions been stirred do residents realise that their actual control over the process is fairly limited.

In Bristol, for example, there have been, for reasons ranging from the feminist to the economic, protests over the proposed sites of Hooters, Costa Coffee and most notably Tesco.

I’ll forgo the rights and wrongs of any of these businesses themselves but it is worth noting the difficulty of using the planning system, as it is currently designed, to get what communities want.