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Does motive matter?

December 14, 2011

Is it about motive or outcomes?

Regular readers will know we appreciate guest posts, and recently have been lucky enough to have a number of these sent into us. If you’ve got something you would like to send in you can always find us at Todays guest post poses a very interesting question around motives and ethics, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think about it. Of course, that means you’re going to have to read it first…

I am a fraud.

To be clear about this, I’m not saying I commit fraud, merely that I am one. I found myself considering this after several meetings with officers and councillors recently regarding my area of work. I spoke with them all at length over the course of several meetings, looking at a range of projects and trying to get their buy-in to my plans as well as to excite them about the potential outcomes. Through my one-to-one meetings with my manager and informal feedback from others I heard that I was developing a very positive reputation, with people particularly appreciating my commitment and enthusiasm.

Of course, I am pleased with this, except for the simple fact that what I am being praised for isn’t real. Well, not entirely anyway. You see, I actually don’t really care about these projects. My enthusiasm and commitment is required to get the tasks I have completed and deliver successful outcomes. The perceived passion is actually a tactic to achieve my end goals. Machiavelli would no doubt approve. (more…)

Flashing the Babs

February 7, 2011

My boy's Grant Mitchell, not Schapps!

I read a news story the other day which slammed a London Council for spending £42,000 on celebrities to attend their staff awards events and other launches.  The money had been spent over five years and the Council has apparently stopped doing that now they know that money is going to be a bit tight, but the article and many others referenceing it seem to not care, and have stuck the knife right in.

On the one hand I can see the basics of their thought processes.  Councils in theory should do nothing that isn’t about helping its residents and ensuring they are supported as necessary.  The money they spent on celbrities such as Shilpa Korsandi (about £8k) and Barbara Windsor (a whopping £13k alone) might have been spent providing a few more hours for a respite worker, or an extra day trip for some old people.

However, on the other hand I think this is a load of rubbish.

The papers seem to forget that the Council is made up of people.  If you were to mix them up with others in a high street, odds are you wouldn’t recognise most of them, and the few you would pick out would only be giving the game away by sweeping up some rubbish or checking to see if lamp columns were working.  These are people who want to do their bit for the communities they serve, but like any person need to feel a bit valued in their workplace. (more…)

I feel the need for, well, something or other

January 13, 2011

"You can write my budget report any time..."

I sometimes find it hard to get started in the first week or so of January.  After a week or two of festivities, time spent indoors with friends and family and after playing with lots of new toys, for some reason commuting into the office and sitting behind a desk for seven hours doesn’t really float my boat.

I’m not alone in this apparently, as most of my colleagues are feeling the same.  There is work to do, but none of it feels particularly important (even if in fact it is).  I’m being distracted by interesting conversations (many of which I instigate) and even found myself spending almost an hour exploring (which is an excellent new ‘next-big-thing’ by the way).

I’m wondering how much of this though is really due to the return to work and how much is just endemic in the local government system right now.

I enjoy my job, really I do.  I know it might seem to be a non-job sometimes, but I get to engage with local people and really make them not only have a voice but feel as if they have a voice, which is a pretty big distinction.  I’m not saying that if I won a few million quid I would still turn up for work the next day, but equally I’m not stuck in a rut or drinking myself into oblivion whilst asking whatever poor sap is unlucky enough to find themselves near me what I am doing with my life. (more…)