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October 8, 2010


These are not good times for the local government worker. But yesterday was tough.

At 8am I stood by my wireless like a child awaiting the football scores on a Saturday afternoon: The reason? the release of Lord Hutton’s interim review of public sector pensions which for some reason was held until from public consumption until 8am (does Lord Hutton need an extra lie in now he’s no longer a Government minister?)

Needless to say the results were as anticipated!

And then at 11:30am my colleagues and I trekked off to the local education centre where the corporate directors gave us first sight of the new structure and detailed how the redundancy process will work.

I’ve said it once I’ll say it again:


We’ve discussed the whole redundancy thing before and will do so again over the coming months (incidentally on the topic of redundancy do check out this well written, heart-felt and slightly wry take on the redundancy situation from someone who has already been told he is being made redundant; it comes recommended) but today I think it is worth focusing a little on the issue of pensions.