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A local council for local people

July 27, 2011

Does Royston Vasey have a town council?

I commute to work and I hate it.

Each month I spend more hours than I care to consider and more money than is really sensible traipsing back and forth to my local government job. I do it for a number of reasons: Because if I didn’t it’s highly likely I wouldn’t have a job; because I believe it is important to work in different environments and learn from different experiences; because getting the job I now have was a promotion and because, despite everything, I really enjoy my work.

Despite it all (I really do hate commuting); on balance this makes sense for me as an individual so I suck it up.

But is what is good for me good for the community I serve through my local authority?

You’ve probably heard the arguments before. My council (by which I mean the one I worked for at the time) has fairly frequently rocked up with a ‘workforce to reflect the community’, a ‘Local opportunity’ policy or something similar designed to ensure that the council is made up of people who can relate to the people we are meant to be serving.