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35 Things I’m giving up for lent

February 23, 2012

At the start of every year we are pressured into making New Year’s Resolutions, which promptly go the way of LAAs and fade into the hazy depths of distant memories.  However, no sooner have we accepted that perhaps losing 7 pounds a month for a year is a tough ask than along comes lent.

Well, unlike in previous years, this year I am going to take advantage of lent and actually do0 (or not) a few things for lent.  If you’ve got any suggestions then tweet us (@welovelocalgov).  For the next 40 days:

  1. I will try to give up rolling my eyes whenever I read the words ‘Eric Pickles today announced…’
  2. I will not criticise my boss in public (even if I’m in the right)
  3. I will not criticises my boss in private (even if I think they can’t hear me)
  4. I will not work more than a 45 hour week
  5. I will not sneer every time someone says that the answer to a problem is more localism
  6. I will not play localgov bingo
  7. I will not hide song lyrics in committee papers
  8. I will not constantly compare my new workplace with my old workplace
  9. I will not respond to people who ask for IT help that they have an ID-ten-T problem (more…)