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A spot of Christmas goodwill – Let’s help get Clarkson off the hook

December 21, 2011

We can support him and laugh at him too right?

Earlier this week I confidently predicted that a rather excellent post from one of our readers would be the last guest post of the year. However, as with so many things we write on this blog, that prediction got proved wrong almost immediately as this excellent little post dropped onto the mat of WLLG towers (well, it arrived in our e-inbox). We like the writing and love the debate it should start so without further ado let us all stand up and support Jeremy Clarkson!

Oh, and this is definitely the last guest post of 2011. If you have something you’d like us to put up in 2012 please do drop us a line at We love guest posts and we’re sure our readers do too so if you have something to say (on any local government topic) please drop us a line and join in the debate.

Now, back to Jeremy Clarkson:

This week we learned that Ofcom is looking into Jeremy Clarkson’s prime-time tirade against striking public sector workers.

As a public sector worker I have to say that my first reaction to this piece of news was not what most people might think.

The media regulator’s investigation into the Top Gear presenter’s call for strikers to be:

taken outside and executed in front of their families

did not send me racing into schadenfreude overdrive.

Although many of my colleagues are likely to have been very pleased with Ofcom’s latest actions, for me it did the opposite – putting the brakes on my already thinning year-end optimism.