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A Good Job

October 11, 2011

Lifelong learning

Last week the world was shocked to hear of the death of Steve Jobs, the charismatic co-founder and spiritual leader of the IT giant that is Apple.  Seen by many as the father of the i-mac, the mac-book, the i-pod, the i-phone and the i-pad, Jobs left behind him a legacy that has forever changed the way we use technology, the way we listen to music and the way we connect to information simply and easily wherever we are.  He also played a key role in turning Pixar into the giant that it is today and was a big part of the Disney board.

Doubts will undoubtedly rise as to how Apple will respond to this loss.  Whilst he officially stepped down earlier this year to be succeeded by Tom Cook, Jobs still played a key role internally and externally within the company.  Trying to follow a man like Jobs is a tall enough task; after his untimely death it will be all but impossible.

This is not a technology blog which will go into the short and long term future of a single tech company, nor is it a business blog discussing the private sector, but there are many parallels and lessons to be learnt by us in local government from the successes and failure Jobs had over the years, and the way Apple will now need to evolve to ensure it survives and thrives as it has before. (more…)