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June 20, 2011

That is one sinister looking pig!

So, another week, another threat of strikes and another attack on local government pensions.

If anything concerns me about the whole debate it is the ridiculous language used by people on each side of the debate. The tendency of people from the Government to slip into the tired language of: ‘generous’ public sector pensions is as dangerous as the hyperbole of those from the Union side who claim the Government plan another ‘pension raid’.

Before I get caught up in a ‘pox on both your houses’ rant here is the most important local government pension stat courtesy of the Hutton report into pensions:

Average local government pensions are £4,000 for men, £2,800 for women.

Now, this amount may possibly be higher than if those same individuals were working in different jobs and receiving private sector pensions or purchasing their own pensions on the open market.

However, we need to get away from calling this a ‘generous’ pension.