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Moving around

February 8, 2012

Not one job but many...

Last year we wrote a post giving advice to new local government workers. We provided ten tips and our wonderful readers chimed in with another 16. Together this provided a pretty awesome collection of tips for new local government workers.

Perhaps the one that interested us the most was the final one; from a blogger going by the name of Haypsych who advised:

26. Move around and try to get experience in a few different parts of the council you work for (or councils). If you start out as a graduate accountant, planner, social worker, HR bod etc. then by all means hone those skills but then be prepared to move. Local gov is a rich tapestry of roles and systems, you’ll ensure your longevity in the sector if you broaden your skill set.

I was reminded of this comment again this week as I reviewed some data about staff retention in my Local Authority. Unsurprisingly, if you exclude redundancies there is relatively little turnover, either within or outside the council. Our HR team still present this figure as a sign of success and I wondered whether that was really the case. Indeed, I strongly felt it wasn’t.

I think there are two real challenges in the above comment which my HR colleagues, and indeed all of Local Government, will need to think about.


This is the localgov week that was

October 28, 2011

Some of our favourite blog posts this week

One of the things we love most about writing this blog is the excuse it gives us to spend time on the internet, reading other blogs for ‘research’ purposes.  Since we began writing all that time ago more than a few others have joined us in the blogosphere, regularly educating and amusing us in equal measures.  Some agree with some of the things we write here, others point out all of the things we haven’t thought of or which totally disagree – which is certainly no bad thing.

So in an effort to spread a little blogging cheer we wanted to point our readers towards some of the blog posts we have particularly enjoyed over the past week.  If we missed one that you thought was particularly good then tell us about it in the comments below or tweet us a link (@welovelocalgov by the way) and tell others all about it.  And if you come across something interesting over the next week or so, you know who to tell!


A jaundiced view of promotion

February 1, 2011

Still not angry...

Before Christmas we published a slightly angry post from a local government consultant. It generated quite a lot of interest and comment and so when another, equally angry, e-mail from the same consultant dropped into our inbox we thought it was worth giving it an airing.

Apologies to all people called Joe!

Local Government is proud to present Joe. Joe, a stand up sort of character from the community. Always did OK in school and lives an active life in the community. An ideal candidate for local authorities to try and recruit.

The problem is, is that Joe is not an ideal candidate. Joe has applied to work with children and young people, thinking (wrongly) that you don’t need to have any special skills or experience. The Local Authority eager to encourage social enterprise and community development puts Joe through to the interview stage of this particular post. Joe does OK at interview, the other candidates aren’t suitable. The Local Authority recruitment panel think, let’s try him out, with a bit of training, he might do OK. To go back to advert will take time and cost more money, both the Local Authority doesn’t have.

The unfortunate thing is, is that Joe just about completes the training. He struggles everyday with his role. He is referred to occupational health for stress related matters, who ensure that his working environment is suitable. Probably spending about £3k in the process, new chair, new lamp, new desk etc etc. The bottom line is that Joe just isn’t very good at his job. HR try to encourage his line manager to think about using the probation period. The line manager, also a budget holder, is worried about the price of recruitment, sometimes ranging up to £2,000 for a £18k salaried role. Surely, Joe just needs some more time to settle in?


Learning lessons… are we?

December 16, 2010


Well, maybe just a little disillusioned!

Let us not kid ourselves; there is a lot of anger out there. Some of it is directed at the Government and those who criticise Local Government no matter what we do. However, some of the anger is actually about Local Government; we do get e-mails or tweets telling us to ‘get a real job’ or to stop moaning as all we are is over-priced pen pushers. The following piece expresses some of this anger but does so without resorting to insults. It is also interesting as the author is a self-described Local Government consultant. The piece is reprinted below:

Having jumped (before the rest of the population) into contracting earlier last year, I have had the privilege to work in three local authorities over the last 18 months.
It amazes me the bounteous delights of commonality between them. I am reminded about the staff away days, the team training sessions, but most of all Directors sharing best practice at highly priced corporate events where a glass of orange juice is likely to set the organisers back by £5.60.
In the area of cuts, restructure and the glittery world of transformation, I am amazed at the lack of learning seeming to take place throughout these highly paid and, at times, overpriced workers.