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The hidden perils of tea making

November 17, 2011

You might have to read this one twice...

Some e-mails sent around an organisation are pretty important, sharing vital information about policy changes, procedural issues or internal news to be shared.  Some are more practical, detailing things to be aware of, or less important goings on in the council

Then some are simply madder than a snakes armpit.

When this glorious missive was forwarded on to us by three different members of the WLLG press pack we knew it was worth sharing more widely, so here it is in all its anonymised glory.

After receiving your report/photographs of an incident where a colleague fell down some stairs whilst heavily ‘loaded’ with a tray filled with various items of crockery, as Chair of the H&S Committee I took the following steps:

  1. requested confirmation on whether H&S were investigating
  2. requested details of usual practice in conveying cups/drinks/etc
  3. visited the site of the incident to personally inspect all stairways and steps (internal) (more…)

A Royal Victory

April 12, 2011

Break out the bunting!

My mum talks about how much better things were in the olden days all the time.  Apparently kids could wander out of the house on a balmy Saturday morning and not be seen again until dusk, muddied but with a cheeky grin on their faces.  Cars didn’t drive too fast, everyone knew their neighbours and you could go out for an evening with 50p in your pocket and come back with change.

She also regularly reminisces about the grand street parties thrown to celebrate anything and everything British.  Union flag bunting would be strung from home to home, people would sweep their streets and bring out the trestle tables before laying on a spread of gargantuan proportions and having a good old time having a knees up around the Joanna (excuse the colloquialism there).

How times have changed.  In my life I don’t remember a single street party, or even so much as a communal picnic.  Streets are made for cars, public events need to be properly staged and run and the slightest problem will result in widespread litigation and a huddle of ‘no-win, no-fee’ lawyers/vultures/parasites on society.

All that looks set to change.

News has started coming out of Downing Street that the street party is set for a comeback.  With the Royal Wedding fast approaching, David Cameron has decided that there is nothing like a knees-up (sorry again) to get our chins up, and has gone to town to make sure that people know they are able to do whatever’s needed to bring back the feeling of the good old days. (more…)