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Dear John… via Hanzel and Gretel

February 4, 2011

Following the breadcrumbs (don't tell pest control)

Last week we published some local government themed Dear John letters. They were pretty well received and then a clever reader sent us a collection of Hanzel and Gretel themed Dear John letters… Hilarious!

It would have been rude not to share so here is a bonus Friday post:

Dear Hanzel and Gretel,

You will be getting a letter from my solicitor.  I’m suing you after you gave me 3rd degree burns.

Yours, the Witch.

Dear Witch,

You will be getting a letter from our solicitor.  We’re suing you due to the health and safety issues your gingerbread house posed and our obesity problem that it caused.

Yours, Hanzel and Gretel.

Dear Hanzel and Gretel,

We are investigating you for cruelty to older people.

Yours, the Adult Social Care Department of the local Council.