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You want me to do what?!

June 10, 2011

Surely typing is a little more legible?Yep, you guessed it – it’s another guest post which has been sent in to us, and trust us when we say it’s a doosie!  If you have your own amusing anecdote or serious point to make about local government or life within it you can send it to us at – especially if it’s anything like this…

A few weeks ago my service head asked me to put together a Powerpoint presentation which covered everything that’s gone on in the department over the last year: our achievements, savings programmes, what projects we’re leading on, what is going to happen next year, and so on. Of course, this request came in at the last-minute – why would I need any time to research it properly and speak to the many people I needed information from? But that isn’t where the fun begins.

Nor does it begin when her only comments on the first draft I sent through read ‘more positive survey results info please’ (pretty much those exact words), or even when she actually did give me proper feedback and it consisted mainly of requests for information that she knew full well didn’t exist.

No, the fun really began when I showed her the final draft the day before the presentation, and was told ‘this is great, but what I want is for the notes to be hand-written’. (more…)