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I’ve got the power

September 7, 2010

I noticed a little piece of legislation the other day which really got my mind buzzing.  Actually, it’s less a piece of legislation, more an amendment to old legislation from a bygone era.

It’s around the wonder that is power generation, in the form of electricity rather than quangos.  In previous years, to protect the emergence of new power companies it was ruled that local authorities could not generate and sell electricity to the National Grid.  When coal or nuclear power were the only real generating options this seemed to be fine, protecting an industry from the might of government interference.

However, in these greener days, the advent of solar, wind and even wave power has forced things to change, and a press release from Chris Huhne has signalled just such a change.  In a nutshell, local authorities can now generate electricity using green methods and then make money by selling whatever they don’t use back to the National Grid. (more…)