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In praise of… Emergency Planners

September 9, 2011

We'd probably need to do a little better...

This blog likes good news and we like promoting the hard work of underappreciated local government professions. You can only imagine then how excited WLLG towers was when we received the below post in our inbox. Today’s post is in praise of emergency planners and apparently if we’re all really nice the author will follow this up with many more. So, all on our best behaviour and if you have a local government profession you think deserves special praise, or would like to contribute a guest post about any other area of local government, please drop us a line at However, make sure you read this first:

People outside of Local Government often mistakenly assume that Councils are homogenous organisations where everybody has the same background, thinks in the same way and is working to achieve the same thing.  This is a myth which is easily dispelled but it got me onto thinking about some of the groups or teams within our Councils who perform such important work yet are not recognised for it.

These are the teams that have predictors of Beaconicity (see, it can go in a sentence!) but are too busy to fill in the forms.

This may turn into an occasional series on some of the more exotic, unappreciated and hidden roles within Councils as a celebration of their work (internal audit we mean you – work out which of the three you are), and I’d like to start off in praise of emergency planning officers.

I walked past our Head of Emergency Planning in the corridor last week.  His shoulders were hunched, his head bowed and he had the beginning of a scowl on his face.  “How are you?” I enquired, nervously; “very well” he replied “on good form”, with what appeared to be a smile spreading across his face.  I was relieved: there was nothing for him or me to worry about and I could sleep easily that night.

People who work in Emergency Planning are a peculiar breed: like risk managers, they have to spend their time thinking about the worst possible outcomes and what might go wrong.


Let’s Spread Some Good News

November 30, 2010

He doesn't endorse us, but maybe Russell might appreciate our efforts!

Russell Howard does many wonderful things, including what I consider an excellent TV show entitled Russell Howard’s Good News.  In this he trawls the news stations, papers and websites, picking out some things which deserve ridicule and being picked apart which he does with aplomb.

However, he also makes a special point to pick out some simple good news stories which should be shared for good’s sake.  These are things with no pithy punchline or demand for incredulity; rather they are stories which perhaps are a little unusual but which bring a smile to the face and warmth to the heart.

In no way are we trying to compare ourselves favourably to he of TV fame, but we do identify with what he is striving to do.  We too like picking apart some of the funnier and stranger goings on in our own little corner of the world, attacking where we feel it is needed and defending on occasion as well.

With this in mind we would like to announce our first direct call out to our readers.  Over the past few months we have seen our readership rise from ourselves (seriously, one week we had a total of 20 views, and a dozen of these were by my Mum) to thousands of people a week.  Whilst we would love to think it is our prose which attracts you to these pages in reality we know it is probably down to the fact that you work in or with local government and can share in our musings. (more…)