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Where is everybody?

October 12, 2010

Leaving on a (payoff funded) jetplane?

Where is everybody?

This was the slogan of a BA advert that was popular about 10 years ago. A dog threw himself a stick and chased it around the screen before looking into the camera like a lost puppy (which indeed, he was).

The not too subtle implication was that everyone had left the dog and taken one of BA’s sale flights off to the Caribbean or some such place.

I find myself feeling a little like the dog in the advert today. As the axe mangler approaches I keep coming across colleagues who have decided to pack it all in. I’ve counted five close-ish colleagues in maybe two weeks.

Each has their own reasons for jumping before the fight. Examples include:

1)      This is a great opportunity to set up my own business

2)      I’m going to travel

3)      I’m going to take this opportunity to do some studying

4)      Maybe this is the push I need to really go for this career change

In each case the money offered as part of the redundancy is helping really good people do things they might not have been able to do.

In some ways on a macro level I should be pleased. Local government cuts that led to long term unemployment would be almost intolerable. These people are all leaving to do great things.

However, apart from these people being friends the other characteristic they all share is that they are all very good at what they do. Some are senior, some are junior but they all work hard, come up with new ideas and enrich the organisations they work for.

So, here are my questions:

1)      Is the way local authorities doing their redundancies making it possible for them to lose their really good staff; thus getting stuck with those who have nowhere else to go and no incentive or drive to leave?

2)      Are we doing enough to offer protection to really good staff and make them feel wanted and as a key part of the future of our organisations?

3)      Should I be moving on too? Or at least considering it? Is this an opportunity that is too good to miss?

Then again, the decision might be taken out of my hands anyway…