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Be the status update you want to see

May 16, 2011

Don't just say social media is good, use it.We all know we should brush our teeth twice a day, eat five portions of fruit and veg and keep fit.  A lot of us talk about trying to be healthier and encourage others to do the same.  Most of us however then ignore our own advice and tuck into a burger or chocolate.

Similarly, in local government we have been talking for years about the need to engage digitally with residents.  A lot of us have produced articles and presentations on just this, and some have even become real champions of the online world.

Most of us have then ignored all this and got on with the day job.  And it’s beginning to become frustrating.

The business case is clear, and has backing from government at the highest levels.  The benefits of mirroring offline engagement opportunities with online ones are well known, and are widely accepted even by cynics.  They don’t seem to have gotten past the ‘that’s a good idea, we should look at it one day’ stage however. (more…)

Twice as sick

November 16, 2010

Do we have to call it wellness-challenged?

As has been mentioned time and again by the press and the public, local government workers take a lot of time off sick.  Private sector workers do too, but not quite as much as their public sector counterparts.

This is as much news to us as it is to anyone else; i.e. it’s not news at all.  We all know that local government staff are off a fair bit and have a number of ways we are looking at reducing this.  Some well known things include offering incentives to people with 100% attendance, more flexible working (filing whilst doing the splits?!) and simply getting rid of those on long term sick leave.

I know this and many other sickness related facts because I recently attended my organisations’ sickness management training.


The first time I attended it was back in April, when I found it interesting if a little unhelpful in its own way.  We spent the morning looking at why it’s important we focus on this, before the afternoon passed listening to people moaning about their own personal team’s examples of sickness.  Some relayed stories which sparked a sense of sympathy, others were barely restrained in their hatred of what they described as ‘work-shy slackers’. (more…)