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Asking the right questions

September 8, 2011


My council is on Equality Impact Assessment alert.

For those who are not aware an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process by which a local authority, or other public body, assesses the impact of any change in service delivery on the different parts of our community. Often, the local authority will have a template and ask members of staff to think seriously about the impact of each decision on equality based on race, gender, age, socio-economic status, religion, disability and many others.

I believe that the assessments were once statutory but now they are primarily used to help local authorities demonstrate that they have considered the full range of equalities impacts of their actions rather than completed as a result of Government diktat.

And let us not forget that if the equalities issues are not considered a local authority could find itself facing a judicial review.

With the amount of changes taking place at the moment (a 20% reduction in budget will do that to you) and the importance of the EIAs there probably aren’t that many staff who haven’t been asked to join in and contribute to at least one EIA.

One of the major challenges when producing an EIA is to find data that enables you to accurately breakdown who uses your service. This data is crucial to ensuring that the service meets the needs of the whole community. Whilst the completion of the EIA is designed to make you challenge your own assumptions, good quality data smacks you in the face and makes you adapt.

There are a variety of ways to collect this data but one of the key ways is to collect the data through council questionnaires. Everyone reading this has probably completed the equalities section of a survey at one stage or another. Although the questions are fairly simple they usually take up a side of A4 and can be as lengthy as the rest of the survey/questionnaire.

Despite seeming a little lengthy the information is crucial when local authorities are trying to ensure that they don’t break the law and do provide a comprehensive service for the whole community.

All this goes to explain why I was slightly surprised by Eric Pickles’ latest Local Government outburst on Friday.