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One officer; many councils

July 7, 2011


Where the young ones go!

In my Local Government carer I have worked through a few different Local Authorities.  When other Local Government Officers find this out they often ask the dreaded question, “Which did you like best.”  Considering they are often working in the authority I’m currently working in, I don’t really want to say, “Not this one!”  However the other day I was asked a different question, “What was different about each Council.”

This got me thinking.  I could tell the person about how in one Council all the Officers seemed to be between 20 and 30.  It was almost as if by the time you reached 30, you were secretly killed off, maybe through a room with a trap door.  Then there was the Council were all the Officers seemed to be between 40 and 60, almost as if they automatically refused you a job if you were under 30 and they went head hunting for new employers at 40 year old birthday parties (How I got into one of these Councils I still don’t know).  

Though I could have also told the person about that Council were staff wearing shorts and a t-shirt were seen as fine.  This would have compared interestingly to the Council were you could tell what grade a male member of staff was on by the quality of their shirt, if they wore a tie, if they wore a blazer and if they polished their shoes.    

I then thought I could tell them about the difference in Councillors.