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October 1, 2010

Who else is humming Spandau Ballet Songs?

We often ask people to drop us a line at our e-mail address: and on Fridays we try to share some stories from the e-mail account or alternatively point you in the direction of other blogs we have found.

This week is no different and features a lovely little e-mail from our inbox.

And when I say the correspondence is ‘Gold’ I mean so in more than one sense (I love an awful pun)…

Our correspondent writes:

I work for a local authority which is, like many others I guess, about to go through a major re-organisation. Our Chief Executive and Leader decided to prepare us for the upcoming redundancies.

They therefore released a brand new slogan: Going for Gold 2015

I have no problem with the slogan (a bit of Olympics envy maybe) but what really made me laugh (and encouraged me to write in) is what the slogan stands for.

You see Going for Gold is not, as you might assume, about achieving some form of number 1 status. Apparently Going for Gold stands for the following:

G et involved

O ne team

L earn

D etermination

I feel this deserves a special feature and an invite for more corporate BS; surely its not just my lot who are bending the rules of common sense for the sake of some catchy acronyms?

I think this probably speaks for itself but me thinks they came up with the slogan first and the acrostic poem later in a vain attempt to justify it.

Have a good weekend and if you have any examples of awful corporate BS please do jot a comment below or drop us an e-mail at: