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I don’t want to go to Chelsea (Local Partnership Zone 4 West)

November 10, 2010

If it's not Dalston, where is it?

I’m dong some work at the minute talking to people about the places they live in, and a simple theme is emerging.

People think locally.

Obvious to you and I perhaps, but often not to the Council.  The Council seems to like dividing the borough up into ever more complex areas, with street partnerships, wards, areas, area partnerships, zones, quarters, places, parishes neighbourhoods, communities and regions all being used somewhere to describe the same things; where people live.

Here’s a revelation – people don’t care what we call these places; they will go on using the same names they always have, and to hell with our definitions.  No manner of advertising will convince me that I live in the North area, or Partnership Zone 1; I’ll always call it by the name it is known by. (more…)

Caution – you are reading a blog

September 13, 2010

Recently I attended a meeting over at a different Town Hall which went on all afternoon.  Not my record for a single meeting perhaps, but a long old time during which the weather changed when it started raining like the tears of those who loved the scrapped Comprehensive Area Assessment.

On my way out I noticed that the security guards were putting out ‘Caution – wet floor’ signs in front of the building.  Upon enquiry I found out that this was what they always do when it starts to rain.

Simple question time – why?