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Munch ado about nothing

February 16, 2012

Eat, don't just meet

When things go wrong I don’t mind being told off.  I don’t like it of course – few people do – but when something I’m working on goes wrong because of me then being told off is one of the things that invariably can happen.

Being told off by your parents and your wife however is rather less comfortable.  Last weekend I had this unfortunate feeling during a quick visit to the parents for a cup of tea and a natter.  After politely asking how work was going and hearing the positive reply, my wife decided the time was right to stir things up and get me into trouble.  Did she tell them that I wasn’t performing in my role adequately, that I had messed up on a major project or that I was working all day everyday and through most nights?  Well, no, as none of those are true, but she told them something that ensured I’d be subjected to 45 minutes which I never want to repeat; she told them that I sometimes skip lunch.

Okay, sometimes actually means at least two or three days a week or perhaps more, but the details matter not; I was in the dog house.  What followed was a detailed explanation of all the problems skipping a sandwich can cause, which ranged from lower concentration levels and decreased productivity right through to death.  The thing is, having looked around the office, I don’t think I’m alone in this. (more…)

The Giant Awakens

September 2, 2010

The seasons, like the slide into obscurity for Big Brother contestants, are immutable and inexorable.  They have not changed for generations, although Al Gore is on a one man mission to convince us all through the wonder that is PowerPoint that things will never be the same again (not that I’m disagreeing with him, but a PowerPoint presentation?!).

Still; hot, wet, cold, wet, windy or wet, the British seasons generally roll around in the same manner on an annual basis, vaguely matching the months they fall in.  We are coming to the end of summer time at the moment, and therefore life in local government can once again begin anew.

You see, it’s a curious phenomenon that occurs in the public sector – life stops for the summer holidays.  I’m not saying everything grinds to a halt while we take a six week siesta, but much of the work simply slows down significantly and only begins again when the first 4×4 Chelsea Tractors are spotted at 8.30am and the volume of mobile phone music increases significantly on every form of public transport. (more…)