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Binging at the office

September 16, 2010

Just Monday's snacks...

Local Government is a friendly place and like many workplaces there are unwritten rules. One of these involves food.

At the office we’re expected to bring in food whenever we have a birthday or return from a holiday to anywhere that is outside a 30 mile radius of the office. It may not have escaped your notice that local authority workers get lots of annual leave (but strangely only one birthday per year) and this leads to an almost endless supply of biscuits, cakes, doughnuts and chocolate piling up on the cabinet by my desk.

This poses an almost daily challenge; how much to eat; how to stay healthy in the light of all the food; how to pretend that the Sardinian crackers don’t taste of feet; how to remember which member of staff to thank for all the starch, fat and sugar that is sitting taunting you each day.

However, all of these pale into insignificance when the challenge of being the feeder in this particular abusive relationship.

Whether overseas or in Devon’s finest souvenir shop or in the local supermarket (on your own birthday!) this is no easy matter. Do you go overboard and buy lots of sweet snacks for the hungry hoards? Or is it time to buck the trend and buy something healthy for everyone to eat? Or is that against the point? (someone once bought humus and breadsticks… It didn’t work!) Finally, how much to spend? It is my birthday but I don’t want to appear cheap; or needy?

The end result of all this thought is that you buy junk food in such large quantities that everyone eats their body weight in chocolate crispy cakes and then feels bad about it all afternoon.

Not to worry; we’ll forget all this tomorrow and enjoy the latest batch of Polish Jammy Dodgers and birthday battenburg.