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Do buildings (and toilets) matter?

January 17, 2011

Is this too extravagant for Bob Neill?

This post could be full of spluttering outrage as it is a post about council accommodation and the battering it has taken in the press over the past month. But I’ll try to be more restrained.

For those who weren’t watching our good friends at the DCLG have decided that being the Department FOR Communities and Local Government actually means working very hard to discredit local authorities. There are many ways to do this but the method of choice at the moment is the planted news story with handy Ministerial quote provided.

The stories in question are all about council accommodation, what you or I might describe as the ‘1960s office block I work in’ is described by Bob Neill (DCLG minister of choice for getting upset about buildings) as part of the:

age of vanity makeovers

The particular story that this quote comes from relates to the amount of money councils have spent on refurbishing their council buildings. Bob Neill didn’t do his research and discover that the chief offender (Richmond) were moving out of a rented accommodation that cost £700,000 per year and updating their accommodation had allowed them to do so.