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Public Sector Pain

December 19, 2011

Public Sector perception or Daily Mail parody?

A last guest post before Christmas and this one sums up how many public sector workers are feeling at the moment.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves:

For the last few months I, like many others, have had to put up with abuse from the public and press about cuts to council services. I work in local government, in the corporate centre, and it’s my job to keep people informed.

The whole world it seems has an issue with people in the public sector. The government think we could do things better, with a lot less money. The private sector thinks we’re overpaid, over-resourced and over-pensioned. And we all know what the Daily Mail thinks.

Most of the abuse isn’t personal and I don’t take it personally. But people say it without giving any thought to my situation, any hint of empathy or interest in whether or not I (or thousands of others) might be directly affected.

Take the cuts debate. Colleagues recently received a tirade of personal abuse for attending an awards ceremony. How can councils make cuts to services and then send officers off to fancy awards dinners? The answer is that they don’t.

1. It wasn’t fancy, it was down the road. 2. The council didn’t (and wouldn’t) pay, so they paid for themselves.

So we got to do a difficult job, working very long hours, to deliver some tough service changes at the behest of the democratically elected representatives we serve. Hours for which we don’t get paid or even get the time back (this is the public sector after all).


Local Government Oscars

September 30, 2011

No tears tonight please...


As some of those in Local Government will know, or will quickly re-remember and panic, today is the closing date for the 2012 LGC awards.

The LGC awards are just part of a burgeoning local government awards industry. Other options for the budding local government Oscar wannabes include the APSEs, the Guardian Public Service Awards, the MJs and a whole variety of sector specific award ceremonies.

Added together and an excellence co-ordinator (a role that existed in an authority of a friend of ours in the mid 2000s and specialised in writing award entries) could find enough work to occupy their whole year.

These awards all tend to follow a similar pattern. Each will have an application process involving a lengthy application form. These application forms will then be assessed by a panel of experts who will establish a shortlist for each of nominee.

Whilst applying is free, if you do get nominated the only way to attend the awards ceremony is to pay for a seat or ten at the evening event. These seats will be aggressively sold by the event organisers and if you do not book your table early you can expect a lot of phone calls.