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Armchair Auditors

October 11, 2010

A cut down icon for a cut down era...

The Conservative Government are keen that Local Authorities start putting financial information from their budgets online. One London Borough has already obliged (well before the January 2011 deadline) and placed the details of over 2000 transactions over the value of £500 from the month of August onto their website.

As an endlessly curious sort I had a quick look and have copied across three rows of the accounts below.

40 11/08/2010 HAYS EXECUTIVE 426274.1 Agency Hays Contract A/c Payments X
41 26/08/2010 HAYS EXECUTIVE 411774.8 Agency Hays Contract A/c Payments X
42 03/08/2010 HAYS EXECUTIVE 402810.47 Agency Hays Contract A/c Payments X

The three rows I chose were all to do with Hays Executive which I am fairly sure is a recruitment company. What drew my eye was the fact that three times over the month the authority in question were spending over £400,000 with the recruitment company; presumably, given the consistency of the payment, for the services of temporary and bank staff.