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Local Government Oscars

September 30, 2011

No tears tonight please...


As some of those in Local Government will know, or will quickly re-remember and panic, today is the closing date for the 2012 LGC awards.

The LGC awards are just part of a burgeoning local government awards industry. Other options for the budding local government Oscar wannabes include the APSEs, the Guardian Public Service Awards, the MJs and a whole variety of sector specific award ceremonies.

Added together and an excellence co-ordinator (a role that existed in an authority of a friend of ours in the mid 2000s and specialised in writing award entries) could find enough work to occupy their whole year.

These awards all tend to follow a similar pattern. Each will have an application process involving a lengthy application form. These application forms will then be assessed by a panel of experts who will establish a shortlist for each of nominee.

Whilst applying is free, if you do get nominated the only way to attend the awards ceremony is to pay for a seat or ten at the evening event. These seats will be aggressively sold by the event organisers and if you do not book your table early you can expect a lot of phone calls.


What future for graduates in local government?

May 24, 2011

A ticket to the corporate centre?

Last week we joined the discussion of the recently downsized National Graduate Development Programme and suggested that this was going to be the start of a big debate. Since then, Impower and Futuregov have dipped their toes in the water and today one of our readers gives her analysis of the scheme and emphasises the importance of looking beyond the corporate centre when developing, and attracting, talent in the future.

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Like many across the sector, I was exasperated but not entirely surprised at the recent news that the National Graduate Development programme (NGDP) is to face major cutbacks. At a time when local authorities are implementing unprecedented public spending cuts now more than ever it is vital that the sector attracts the best possible future leaders.

Many might be asking themselves the question, in an era of cuts is attracting graduates into local government really a priority? Surely difficult choices have to be made?

No local government officer or policy maker would argue that cuts don’t need to be made; but every ‘difficult choice’ has wider ramifications that will impact upon the sector well into the future. Key stakeholders have emphasised the need to ‘avoid the road to nowhere’ and local government as a whole has now definitely reached a critical tipping point  where it must set out a vision of where it wants to be in 10 or even 20 years time. Surely, at the heart of this must be a carefully thought out strategic approach as to how the sector will attract, develop and retain the best talent in order to advance that vision?

The attraction of the NGDP was that it attracted that inflow of talent that supports local government’s drive to serve local communities in the best way it possibly can. And of course an immense sense of pride can be taken from the fact that through schemes such as the NGDP many high calibre graduates have entered and stayed in local government who in the past may have made other career choices.