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P8ssw0rd m@dn355

March 7, 2011

Can't things be linked up a bit better?

As a child my mother used to tell me that if my head hadn’t been attached to my body, I would have forgotten it most of the time.  As I’ve grown older my memory has not improved one jot; I still regularly forget things to add to the shopping list, dates and events as well as forgetting to take the rubbish out.

Our ICT department do not appear to be sympathetic to my plight however.  Recently a brand new layer or two of ‘security’ has been forced upon us.  There was nothing demanding that this happen, but some ICT people decided that it could be done, therefore it should be, and to hell with the consequences and impact it has on the rest of the staff.

Let me take you through a typical log-in routine.  After switching on a PC I have to input my username and password.  This password is forced to change every 30 days, and follows these rules:

  • Can’t be a password that’s been one of your last 24 versions
  • Must contain upper case
  • Must contain lower case
  • Must contain a special character (i.e. non-letter)
  • Must contain a number

I then get taken to my profile, and have to log in to each of the shared drives I want access to.  Each of these has a different username and password.  Should I need to update our website (part of my normal role) I’ll need another username and password for each one.  I also have to log on to my phone line, requiring yet another password. (more…)