We have all been there – reading a letter from the Council, walking past a poster, reading a local newspaper or over the phone to a call centre – and wondered exactly the same thing.  Just what the hell are they thinking?!  Whether it’s the Council (and it often is), the PCT/NHS/another random acronym, the police or any other public sector body, all of them simply do astoundingly strange things on a regular basis.

This blog is written by a couple of local government workers to talk about some of the things that are getting our goat about the place we work.  Whether it’s inane meeting discussions, politics with a ‘p’ so small as to be insignificant or filling out a number of forms to join a walking club, we blog about it all and hope to raise a smile as well as a single word question – why?!

We’re not doing this to be mean, we aren’t naming names and we don’t want to cause any trouble, but if you work in a big company, want to find out what local government is really like or just enjoy hearing people rant and rave then this blog might be worth a bit of a browse.



One Comment on “About”

  1. localgov Says:

    Of course, if you relate to some of this and want to share your own stories we’re always looking for contributions as well!

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