Time to come out

This blog has been running for a few years now, and whilst in many ways is the same as it was in 2009 in many other ways it has changed so much.  In part this is due to the many developments and changes that have been forced on local government, such as the economic downturn and the the Localism Act.

However, the main reason for the developments have been the fact that more writers have joined our blogging team over the years, each offering their own unique perspectives and angles on the major and minor stories that we write about.  It has been argued that it is impossible to be trusted and to really affect change from an anonymous blog, so we feel it is now time to reveal the names and faces behind these daily posts.  We hope you don’t judge us all too harshly, and understand why we have chosen today – a non-office day – to share this news.  In no particular order…

It's me. You know, me.

Andrew Stunell

When this very blog asked what it was that I did, it made me consider it and really look in the mirror to ask the self-same question; What do I do?  I realised that if I couldn’t even really answer it myself, there’s no way that any other person could really be expected to either.  Therefore I got in touch with the team and asked if they wouldn’t mind me becoming a regular contributor; Once they’d checked my background out a bit and I’d provided a few sample pieces they thankfully agreed.

My aim is to ensure more people understand what I do, from the average man on the street up to my bosses here at DCLG.  The more that others know, the more feedback I will be able to receive and the more likely it will be that this feedback will get back to me in order to really help me understand that first question; What do I do?!

O-Pik a boo

Lembit Opik

Over the past year or two I’ve had increasing amounts of time to reflect on my achievements.  Some would say that my media profile was a perfect example of how to get people interested in politicians; my intention had been to then lead this attention on me on to encouraging an interest in politics.  Unfortunately a tricky election put paid to this ambition, but I know realise that I’m in the perfect position to offer my unique style not only to music videos but also to examining the strange world of local government.

If there’s one thing I’m able to do, it’s add a hitherto unseen point of view on all things local government; no-one sees local government in quite the same way that I do.  Admittedly few people if any see anything at all the same way I do.  That is the reason I am being studied by no fewer than three universities and one international clinic.

It's tough at the top, but I hope to share this with everyone

Jules Pipe

Life at the sharp end of local government can be a serious business, and writing for this blog certainly helps me express my views to as wide an audience as possible as well as providing an opportunity to work with colleagues from the DCLG, where I hope one day to join them.  However, is also lets me share my sense of humour and bring up the more fun parts of my job; I have a forward plan of wisecracks that have been shared at recent corporate management teams to work into several top-ten run-downs.

I will continue to outline the thoughts of a typical first-tier officer in the best way I know how, and as well as doing this through national tv and mainstream media outlets I will also continue to write for this esteemed blog.

Welovelocalgovernment is not a blog written by UK local government officers, current elected officials, out of work ex-cheeky girl dating ex-MPs and random other people. If you have a piece you’d like to submit or any comments you’d like to make please drop us a line at: welovelocalgovernment@gmail.com

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2 Comments on “Time to come out”

  1. Legalese Says:

    It will be a work day next year when you reveal that Eric Pickles designed the header graphic. 😉

  2. […] may have come into force on 1 April (not exactly a date for us to hijack, as any fool knows…), but we noticed that it actually received royal assent on 26 October.  What with us […]

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