35 Things I’m giving up for lent

At the start of every year we are pressured into making New Year’s Resolutions, which promptly go the way of LAAs and fade into the hazy depths of distant memories.  However, no sooner have we accepted that perhaps losing 7 pounds a month for a year is a tough ask than along comes lent.

Well, unlike in previous years, this year I am going to take advantage of lent and actually do0 (or not) a few things for lent.  If you’ve got any suggestions then tweet us (@welovelocalgov).  For the next 40 days:

  1. I will try to give up rolling my eyes whenever I read the words ‘Eric Pickles today announced…’
  2. I will not criticise my boss in public (even if I’m in the right)
  3. I will not criticises my boss in private (even if I think they can’t hear me)
  4. I will not work more than a 45 hour week
  5. I will not sneer every time someone says that the answer to a problem is more localism
  6. I will not play localgov bingo
  7. I will not hide song lyrics in committee papers
  8. I will not constantly compare my new workplace with my old workplace
  9. I will not respond to people who ask for IT help that they have an ID-ten-T problem
  10. I will not miss more than one lunch per week
  11. I will limit the number of times I say ‘but why?!’ in the tone of a five year old to three per day
  12. I will not send compromising e-mails from colleagues accounts when they leave their computers unlocked
  13. I will not add the words ‘so sayeth Lord Pickles’ to the end of presentations
  14. I will not claim that I am a spy for the DCLG
  15. I will not deny that I am a spy from the DCLG
  16. I will not put my hand over my mouth whenever speaking in the corridor ‘in case they are filming my conversations’
  17. I will not pretend to be my own PA when answering the phone
  18. I will not filter phone calls to me
  19. I will not mark every e-mail with a red flag and include the word URGENT in the subject line
  20. I will not book meeting rooms if I do not really need them
  21. I will not ask new staff to get me a ‘meeting weight’, a ‘spiral bound LAA 2012/13 forward plan’, a ‘left handed version of MS Office’ or a copy of the ‘councillor humour policy’
  22. I will not imply that councillors have no sense of humour
  23. I will stop insisting that online videos are the answer, especially when the question is ‘have you finished the risk assessment?’
  24. I will not get into the office early and take a nap at my desk, pretending I’ve worked through the night to meet a deadline
  25. I will not turn around and walk in the opposite direction every time I catch a security guard’s eye
  26. I will not bribe ICT to change the clocks on computers to get an early day
  27. I will not swap comments with colleagues via Twitter in boring meetings, in the style of school children passing notes
  28. I will not add the phrase ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ to risk assessments
  29. When asked why I began a project which failed abysmally, I will not reply with ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’
  30. I will not insist that decisions made at full council need to be agreed by a small majority of my team before being implemented
  31. I will not add inappropriate sentences to presentations for my boss in the hope of a Ron Burgundy moment
  32. I will not include ‘world domination’ as a SMART target on my annual appraisal
  33. I will not spend time working out how many people would need to fall ill before I would be in charge
  34. I will not refer to a certain political figure as ‘the thumb’ whenever they are on tv
  35. I will not be so indecisive.  I think.  Probably.

Any other suggestions?

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13 Comments on “35 Things I’m giving up for lent”

  1. DSO Says:

    I will stop gasping in horror when someone misuses apostrophes in a report, e.g., “The Councils services are designed for it’s residents.”

    (Grammar nerd: it’s marked as an essential qualification on Democratic Services person specs.)

  2. Performance Officer Says:

    I will stop being quite so cynical about any given Council strategy & policy

  3. localgovalso Says:

    Prevaricate less. (yes, I know).
    Stop calling the stupid people “stupid people” behind their backs.
    Stop being surprised when Councillors tell lies in public.

    I’m pretty sure I broke all of these today, though.

  4. LGWorker Says:

    I won’t shout, “YOU’RE WRONG,” when ever a Councillor or Officer says something they can’t back up or prove in a meeting. Or when they say something truly stupid.

    I will stop drawing pictures in my note book instead of taking notes in important meetings

    I will not complain about my pay being frozen for another year…oh wait

  5. kriswith Says:

    I will stop describing the changes to the NHS as chaos.
    I will stop checking my work emails after midnight and only once a day when I’m on holiday.
    I will stop signing up to health and fitness programmes at work only to injure myself 2 weeks in.

  6. Office Pooer Says:

    I will stop doing a poo on the floor and blaming it on someone who works in the Social Services department

  7. […] We Love Local Government A blog looking sideways at life in local government « 35 Things I’m giving up for lent […]

  8. I will stop working in #localgov because I am redundant

  9. I will make sure all the middle managers have taken voluntary redundancy so that they cant undercut me and do a better job

  10. I will not post tweets about the flower festival bin collections and half term treats when we are cutting 1000 jobs (pr dept)

  11. I will not suffer from a guilt complex when being left in post when all former colleagues have left even though I am secretly relieved that there’s more budget left to pay me

  12. I will not laugh loudly when the person who made me redundant is also made redundant

  13. I will not read tweets from council meetings where councillors behave like headless chickens when having to make decisions about what to cut next

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