Local Government Haiku

Making Haiku famous... Even as he is anonymous

The poetry beloved of Herman Van Rompuy is an old favourite of one WLLG blogger so for no reason other than it is Friday she persuaded the gang to join in and produce some local government Haiku. Here’s what we came up with; please do join in:

On service delivery

Rubbish once a week
Said Eric; the costs piled up
Localism ain’t dead?

Scrutiny meeting
Adding to our democracy
But no-one listens

Watch dogs poo and you flytip
Is Big Brother back?

On savings

We need to save cash
To pay for the deficit
Redundancy time?

Children’s services
Don’t start making cuts to us
Or a child might die

Sweeping up the streets
Is just not statutory
But always wins votes

I-pads for Coun’slors
£19 Million of cuts
Investing to save

We shall CHANGE the way we work
A cover for CUTS?

On politics

Local Gov Pravda’s
Some are actually quite good
Others not so much

Ignorance is bliss
The public vote for more stuff
But don’t want to pay

Local Government
Rules set for it aren’t local
The services are

Local Government
If Carlsberg made Governments
They would go local

Eric Pickles Rules
The LGA looks dumbstruck
Battered, bruised, helpless

Central Government
Localgov is not business
Bye bye localism

On the office

The lift stops again
People travelling one floor
Why can’t they just walk?

“We’ll take this off-line”
Decisions are made elsewhere
Purpose of meeting?

Lunch: Chinese Chicken
I am not sure it’s Chinese
Its def not Chicken

Why Council fridges
Are such a target for thieves
Is just beyond me!

All official text
Should be produced in this style
Cuts out most waffle

On the blog

May have quite a few drawbacks
But prevents job loss

An anomaly
We love local government
Somebody has to

You may have noticed
We love local government
We hope you do too

Welovelocalgovernment is a blog written by UK local government officers. If you have a piece you’d like to submit or any comments you’d like to make please drop us a line at: welovelocalgovernment@gmail.com

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3 Comments on “Local Government Haiku”

  1. Headhunter Says:

    We LOVE our service
    But forget the whole picture
    “The council”‘s not us!

  2. localgov Says:

    The Union will strike
    On pension age argument
    But will striking help?

    Average wage pension
    Not your final salary
    Is the brand new plan

    Is anyone else
    Only thinking in Haiku
    Curse this blogging game!

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