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Saying one thing

May 19, 2011

Hotter isn't necessarily betterIf working in local government teaches one thing, it’s that there really is a form for everything. However, if it teaches some other things, one of these is that it’s easy to say one thing and then go ahead and do another.

Our good friend Eric Pickles looks like he’s been studying this one hard this week, with his department releasing yet another one of their favourite heat maps; this time around it’s hotting up wherever there is more money to spend per head of population (sounds a little like a typical night at China Whites to me). According to this map 63 councils recieve over £1050 per resident, the same number below £830 each and the rest fall somewhere in between.

E-Pick has told us in the past that he wants local people to take control of local areas, then here tells us in his own words “It’s not how much you spend, but how you spend it.” If this were true, why release the figures in this way? Transparency is mentioned in the press release and is a worthy thing to refer to, but this doesn’t actually seem to match up with the other reasons given. (more…)