Being influential

Not quite in the top 50...

For those of you who don’t follow us on twitter you may not have seen the Local Government Chronicle’s ’50 most influential voices in Local Government’ supplement which was published yesterday evening.

The supplement does exactly what it says on the tin and amongst other Brucie bonuses also includes a section outlining 8 ‘organisations with influence’.

We are very gratified to say that our local government blog, written by ordinary officers, is one of them. (Page 19 of the supplement if you want to check it out)

We’re also incredibly proud to be on a list with groups like the New Local Government Network, Local Government Information Unit, Centre for Cities and the Young Foundation. To even be considered alongside these organisations is, to put it simply, awesome!

So do check out the LGC 50; it’s a really good read and highlights some of the great work going on in Local Government. Meanwhile our heartfelt thanks go out to the LGC, the judging panel, those people who anonymously nominated us and all of you who read this blog.

It’s all just a little overwhelming.

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7 Comments on “Being influential”

  1. Jonathan Flowers Says:

    Well done! I was surprised to see you on the list but only because I thought you were a little secret shared by a few readers, drawn in from #localgov tweets. I am delighted to learn that your readership is wide.

    Now please try to ignore it and carry on just as before! 🙂

    • Thanks Jonathan… To be honest we thought exactly the same!
      And don’t worry; we’re just going to keep doing what we like to do which is to write a blog by officers about the wider world of local government we work in…
      Anything else probably wouldn’t work

  2. Jon Harvey Says:

    Excellent stuff! Keep up the good work.

  3. E9to5 Says:

    This is well deserved, as there is nothing comparable that looks at our strange world in the light-hearted and positive way that you do.

    I think the word ‘inspiring’ is greatly over-used in social media (as is the title ‘legend’), but what this site does offer to set-upon council wonks is recognition that we’re not all bad guys. It also often raises a laugh- which can be rare in the world of local governance, and is greatly appreciated.

  4. Ed Hammond Says:

    Your influence can only improve if you change the font of your masthead from Comic Sans to something a bit better!

    Or maybe you are using it ironically.

    • localgov Says:

      It was in homage to the great ‘I Love NY’ campaign; Comic Sans was the closest font to theirs that could be found!

      Of course if someone out there who likes us and happens to be a dab hand with photoshop happened to make us a new banner I’m sure we wouldn’t turn it down…

  5. […] sign that you had ‘made it’ in local government and were very grateful to be mentioned as an influential voice in local government by the LGC. However, our favourite post by far was a guest post from someone describing themselves as having a […]

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