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Why I didn’t march

March 28, 2011

How they do it elsewhere

Before I start this piece I should make something clear:

This blog does not have a collective position on anything and the following piece reflects just one persons view (i.e. mine).

This past week saw a twitter hash tag circulating in advance of Saturday’s anti-cuts march. The hash tag was something like #whyiammarching and was chock full of ordinary public sector workers expressing why they would be giving up their Saturday to march through the streets of London.

Anyone who read those tweets could not fail to sense the sincerity of those who protested this weekend. These weren’t rabble rousers or people simply out to protect their own interests. On the contrary these were, and still are, committed public servants out to protect the services, and service users, they care about.

A typical tweet read:

  • AIR is marching because art education is a right not a privilege
  • Because I believe in healthcare, education and employment for all
  • Gratitude: In my 20’s homeless and adrift. I remember it now, homed, grounded, psychotherapist. Helped to this place
  • Have already seen clients who will have significant rent shortfalls due to housing benefit cuts which may result in eviction

And rather less sympathetically:

  • The cuts are wrong and will hit the vulnerable and leave the rich to do what the f**k they want

It is hard to read these without feeling a twinge of guilt about not going. The following tweet emphasises that point:

  • Because moaning isn’t good enough

This blog has done its fair share of moaning (although on reading back through it not that much about the cuts) so why did I decide to stay at home?