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Slogan schmogan

March 17, 2011

Because it's a good slogan!

We welcome guest posts on this blog and after one on Tuesday today we have another. This time our guest poster has a stab at getting to grips with the proliferation of council slogans and brands employed by local authorities. If you’d like to contribute please drop us an e-mail at… But not until you’ve enjoyed today’s post.

Have you ever noticed the different brands within Councils? There maybe a brand for the Olympics team, the Parks team or even Democratic Services.

Councils seem very apt at creating a community feel through their slogans underneath ever changing logos and corporate identities.

Here is a list of some of the slogans used by Councils – recognise any of them?

  • Number one for service and value
  • Let yourself Grow
  • Where people chose to live, work and stay
  • Let’s make it happen
  • Your County, putting <<name of county>> first
  • Performing well, one place
  • Widening horizons

It makes you wonder, whether in these times of dire straights and redeployment opportunities, if Councils have thought these through. What’s more do communities have a say in these strap lines that offer uniformity and should provide borough or county pride?

Let’s compare this to some of the more public facing strap lines:

  • Cat’s like Felix, like Felix
  • We all adore a Kia-Ora
  • I love New York
  • If it’s on, it’s in
  • Free enterprise with every issue

Save for the last two, each has the name of the product in it. Each appeals to it’s target audience, is simple and in plain English.

Some may go to say that they are even quite witty.

When researching for this article, some Council slogans were hard to find. They didn’t even make it to the homepage of the website. Surely this is marketing 101 – create a logo, create a slogan, bang it everywhere you can think of?

In other words no more half hearted measures, multiple slogans and confused branding.

Open our eyes to wider horizons, perform well and let’s make it happen!

Points go to readers out there to find the wittiest Council slogan in the UK. Please make a note of them below…