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Happy St Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011

Love is in the air; everywhere we look around.

On this here St Valentine’s Day we thought we’d spread a little love for Local Government:

So in no particular order:

  1. We love back office staff for keeping our frontline staff on the road
  2. We love front office staff for serving often ungrateful members of the public
  3. We love old council buildings with charm and history
  4. We love new council buildings with heating that works
  5. We love those who plan their projects and manage their risks
  6. We love those who have no need for fancy new project methodologies
  7. We love street cleaners and the people who collect up our bins
  8. We love those who don’t drop litter and separate their recycling
  9. We love the people who work tirelessly and without shouting in the complaints department
  10. We love the residents who pay their council tax on time
  11. We love the councillors who give up their time to serve their community
  12. We love the members who focus on improving local government
  13. We love the social workers doing an impossible job
  14. We love the administrators completing their paperwork
  15. We love communications staff doing their best to keep the public engaged
  16. We love the residents giving up their time to shape our services
  17. We love the services people would miss if they were gone
  18. We love the services that keep our local communities strong
  19. We love the Chief Executives dealing with the massive budget cuts
  20. We love the staff continuing with the their job despite the crises

And most of all: We Love Local Government