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Flashing the Babs

February 7, 2011

My boy's Grant Mitchell, not Schapps!

I read a news story the other day which slammed a London Council for spending £42,000 on celebrities to attend their staff awards events and other launches.  The money had been spent over five years and the Council has apparently stopped doing that now they know that money is going to be a bit tight, but the article and many others referenceing it seem to not care, and have stuck the knife right in.

On the one hand I can see the basics of their thought processes.  Councils in theory should do nothing that isn’t about helping its residents and ensuring they are supported as necessary.  The money they spent on celbrities such as Shilpa Korsandi (about £8k) and Barbara Windsor (a whopping £13k alone) might have been spent providing a few more hours for a respite worker, or an extra day trip for some old people.

However, on the other hand I think this is a load of rubbish.

The papers seem to forget that the Council is made up of people.  If you were to mix them up with others in a high street, odds are you wouldn’t recognise most of them, and the few you would pick out would only be giving the game away by sweeping up some rubbish or checking to see if lamp columns were working.  These are people who want to do their bit for the communities they serve, but like any person need to feel a bit valued in their workplace. (more…)